Creating a badge

To create a badge and update it the user should run KICS in their CI.

This can be done differently for each integration we have.

Let's assume a manual CLI process using docker:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
echo "running KICS in the current dir and writing results.json"
docker run -v $PWD:/path checkmarx/kics:latest scan -p "/path" -o "/path/"

This will generate a results.json file under path. Parse the results.json and request a badge to

For this example, let's assume HIGH and MEDIUM results are bad:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
HIGH=$(jq '.severity_counters.HIGH' results.json)
MEDIUM=$(jq '.severity_counters.MEDIUM' results.json)
LOW=$(jq '.severity_counters.LOW' results.json)
INFO=$(jq '.severity_counters.INFO' results.json)

if (( $HIGH > 0 )) || (( $MEDIUM > 0)); then

curl -sL "${MESSAGE}-${COLOR}.svg" > kics-status.svg

An example SVG produced:


If you have github pages configured under gh-pages branch configured you can commit and push the badge to it and reference on your, e.g: