KICS Roadmap

These are our upcoming features: - Schemas support OpenAPI 3.0 - Schemas support OpenAPI 2.0 (Swagger) - Schemas support gRPC - Azure Resource Manager support - Google Deployment Manager support

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Completed Features

Release Feature
April 2021
v1.2.4 Added Open API 3.0 support
v1.2.4 Distribution platforms: Homebrew
v1.2.2 Terraform - Parameters files support
March 2021
v1.2.1 Helm support
v1.2.1 Reporting - add HTML format
v1.2.0 Documentation - Queries catalog
v1.2.0 Reporting - add SARIF format
v1.2.0 Improved CLI outputs (progess, coloring, logo)
v1.2.0 Engineering and performance improvements
February 2021
v1.1.4 CI/CD improved documentation
v1.1.3 Mac support
v1.1.3 Hard-coded secret keys detection
January 2021
v1.1.1 Adding more queries and extending coverage
v1.1.1 Adding more CI/CD integrations
v1.1.1 Engineering and performance improvements
December 2020
v1.1.0 Adding support for K8S
v1.1.0 Adding support for Docker
v1.1.0 Adding support for Ansible
v1.1.0 Adding support for AWS CloudFormation
November 2020
v1.0.0 First version of KICS engine
v1.0.0 Terraform support, 50 queries
v1.0.0 Delivery: CLI & Docker