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Bill of Materials

Bill Of Materials

This feature uses Rego queries to extract a list of used Terraform resources along with its metadata in the scanned IaC.

Find the existing queries under: assets/queries/terraform/aws_bom

BoM queries extracts metadata about the resources and organizes it in the following structure:

billOfMaterialsRequiredFields := map[string]bool{
    "acl":                    false,
    "is_default_password":    false,
    "policy":                 false,
    "resource_type":          true,
    "resource_name":          true,
    "resource_engine":        false,
    "resource_accessibility": true,
    "resource_vendor":        true,
    "resource_category":      true,
    "user_name":              false,

After extracting the information, the query stores the stringified JSON structure inside the value field in the result:

CxPolicy[result] {
    bucket_resource := input.document[i].resource.aws_s3_bucket[name]

    bom_output = {
        "resource_type": "aws_s3_bucket",
        "resource_name": get_bucket_name(bucket_resource),
        "resource_accessibility": get_accessibility(bucket_resource, name),
        "resource_vendor": "AWS",
        "resource_category": "Storage",

    result := {
        "documentId": input.document[i].id,
        "searchKey": sprintf("aws_s3_bucket[%s]", [name]),
        "issueType": "BillOfMaterials",
        "keyExpectedValue": "",
        "keyActualValue": "",
        "searchLine": common_lib.build_search_line(["resource", "aws_s3_bucket", name], []),
        "value": json.marshal(bom_output),


Results will be found in the JSON output and placed separately under bill_of_materials key:

    // etc...
    "bill_of_materials": [
            "query_name": "BOM - MSK",
            "query_id": "051f2063-2517-4295-ad8e-ba88c1bf5cfc",
            "query_url": "",
            "severity": "TRACE",
            "platform": "Terraform",
            "category": "Bill Of Materials",
            "description": "A list of MSK resources specified. Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK) is a fully managed service that enables you to build and run applications that use Apache Kafka to process streaming data.",
            "description_id": "cf7ae008",
            "files": [
                    "file_name": "",
                    "similarity_id": "9c1bd86b2367fd748ed66a86f72d637231be6e4ec04d68dd10a61f233187b777",
                    "line": 1,
                    "issue_type": "BillOfMaterials",
                    "search_key": "aws_msk_cluster[example_msk1]",
                    "search_line": 0,
                    "search_value": "",
                    "expected_value": "",
                    "actual_value": "",
                    "value": "{\"resource_accessibility\":\"encrypted\",\"resource_category\":\"Queues\",\"resource_name\":\"example\",\"resource_type\":\"aws_msk_cluster\",\"resource_vendor\":\"AWS\"}"

To enable bill-of-materials in the results use the --bom flag.

NOTE Bill of Materials queries should always have: - severity: "TRACE" - category: "Bill Of Materials" - issue_type: "BillOfMaterials"