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Integrations Overview


You can integrate KICS with your favorite CI/CD pipelines. We provide plugins for some CI/CD tools. For some others we provide a tutorial on how the integration can be done.

Integrate KICS with:

The pipelines examples can be found in our GitHub Repository


KICS is natively embedded in MegaLinter, a 100% Open-Source tool for CI/CD workflows that analyzes consistency and quality of:

  • 48 languages
  • 22 formats
  • 20 tooling formats
  • excessive copy-pastes and spelling mistakes

It also generates various reports, and can apply formatting and auto-fixes, to ensure all your projects sources are clean, whatever IDE/toolbox are used by their developers.

To install MegaLinter in your repository, just run the following command

npx mega-linter-runner --install