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Running KICS in TeamCity

You can integrate KICS into TeamCity pipelines easily by Kotlin DSL and KICS docker image.

This provide you the ability to run KICS scans as a stage of your pipeline.

Just make sure that the TeamCity agent has Docker configured to run containers.

Checkout Getting Started with Kotlin DSL and modify you .teamcity/settings.kts as the example:

import jetbrains.buildServer.configs.kotlin.v2019_2.*
import jetbrains.buildServer.configs.kotlin.v2019_2.buildSteps.script
version = "2021.1"

project {
    description = "KICS TeamCity integration test"

object Build: BuildType({
    name = "KICS TeamCity integration test"
    vcs {

    steps {
        script {
            scriptContent = """
                docker run -v ${'$'}PWD:/path checkmarx/kics:latest scan -p /path -o /path --no-progress --ignore-on-exit results

With versioned settings enabled, after pushing the changes to the repository you'll be able to see the build progress, logs and success status.