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KICS Roadmap

These are our upcoming features:

  • Add new BoM resources:
    • AWS Aurora
    • AWS DynamoDB
    • AWS RDS
  • BoM for Serverless Framework
  • Support Windows Containers

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Completed Features

Release Feature
September 2022
v1.6.0 Support new technologies: Pulumi, Serverless Framework, Crossplane and Knative
v1.6.0 Kuberneter (dynamic gathering and scan of Kubernetes cluster data through Kubernetes API)
April 2022
v1.5.6 Support REST API to execute KICS scan
v1.5.6 Support REST API to get KICS scan results
v1.5.6 Support Cloudformation BOM
March 2022
v1.5.5 Kubelet Configuration Support
v1.5.5 Display how many lines of IaC were parsed/scanned (in LOGS)
v1.5.5 Docker compose analyzer support
v1.5.4 Gitlab KICS added Features - Analyse Merge Requests
v1.5.3 Support multi-staged Docker queries
February 2022
v1.5.2 Terraformer integration with AZURE
v1.5.2 Terraformer integration with GCP
v1.5.2 Multiple paths for queries
v1.5.1 Cloud Development Kit for Terraform support
January 2022
v1.5.0 Terraformer integration with AWS
v1.5.0 AWS Serverless Application Model support
v1.5.0 ASFF report
December 2021
v1.4.9 Google Deployment Manager support
v1.4.9 gRPC support
v1.4.9 CycloneDX SBOM report
v1.4.9 JUnit report
November 2021
v1.4.8 Pre-commit hooks integration
v1.4.8 SonarQube report
v1.4.7 Parsers ignore comment by line
v1.4.7 MegaLinter integration
October 2021
v1.4.6 Terraform Cloud integration
v1.4.5 Azure Blueprints support
v1.4.5 Bill-of-Material for cloud-resources generation (--bom option)
v1.4.5 Terraform plan support
September 2021
v1.4.4 Terraform verified modules support
v1.4.3 Passwords and Secrets mechanism
v1.4.3 --disable-secrets and --secrets-regexes-path option
v1.4.3 TravisCI integration example
v1.4.2 --exclude-severities and --libraries-path option
August 2021
v1.4.1 Ignore/disable/enable feature on commented files
v1.4.0 Azure Resource Manager support
v1.4.0 Terraform functions
v1.4.0 CIS descriptions
July 2021
v1.3.5 --input-data option
v1.3.5 Improved documentation
June 2021
v1.3.3 PDF report
v1.3.2 Gitlab SAST report
v1.3.2 Improved HTML report (path, platform, start/end times)
May 2021
v1.3.0 Improved performance (sample filtering and parallel scans)
v1.3.0 Improved Logs (CPU, RAM outputs)
v1.3.0 Jenkinsfile documentation and examples
v1.3.0 CircleCI integration example
April 2021
v1.2.4 Added Open API 3.0 support
v1.2.4 Distribution platforms: Homebrew
v1.2.2 Terraform - Parameters files support
March 2021
v1.2.1 Helm support
v1.2.1 Reporting - add HTML format
v1.2.0 Documentation - Queries catalog
v1.2.0 Reporting - add SARIF format
v1.2.0 Improved CLI outputs (progess, coloring, logo)
v1.2.0 Engineering and performance improvements
February 2021
v1.1.4 CI/CD improved documentation
v1.1.3 Mac support
v1.1.3 Hard-coded secret keys detection
January 2021
v1.1.1 Adding more queries and extending coverage
v1.1.1 Adding more CI/CD integrations
v1.1.1 Engineering and performance improvements
December 2020
v1.1.0 K8S support
v1.1.0 Docker support
v1.1.0 Ansible support
v1.1.0 AWS CloudFormation support
November 2020
v1.0.0 First version of KICS engine
v1.0.0 Terraform support, 50 queries
v1.0.0 Delivery: CLI & Docker