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Changes in v1.3.0

Breaking Changes

  • KICS does not execute scan as default anymore
  • Semantic exit code added based on scan results

New Flags

flag Description
timeout number of seconds the query has to execute before being canceled (default 60)
profiling enables performance profiler that prints resource consumption metrics in the logs during the execution (CPU, MEM)
fail-on which kind of results should return an exit code different from 0 accepts: critical, high, medium, low and info example: "high,low" (default [critical,high,medium,low,info])
ignore-on-exit defines which kind of non-zero exits code should be ignored accepts: all, results, errors, none example: if 'results' is set, only engine errors will make KICS exit code different

Updated Flags

flag shorthand Description Change
path -p paths or directories to scan path flag now accepts multiple values

KICS Engine

Timeout Queries

Query execution timeout is now parametrized, the flag timeout will override the default value (60 seconds)

Multiple paths

KICS can now scan multiple paths (WARNING: For multiple paths, kics.config will not be loaded automatically, configuration flag must be explicitly used to load any configuration file.)

Concurrent Scans

For performance improvements, KICS will now run scans concurrently by parser.


KICS will now do a pre-scan analysis to determine which type of queries and parsers to load. The analyzer will also exclude non Infrastructure as Code files. (WARNING: Using the type flag will disable the analyzer)