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KICS Auto Remediation

With this new feature, KICS provides auto remediation for simple replacements and simple additions in a single line.

Note that this feature will be only available for Terraform, for now.


How KICS AR works?

  1. As a first step, you will need to scan your project/file and generate a JSON report.

Example: docker run -v /home/cosmicgirl/:/path/ kics scan -p /path/ -i "41a38329-d81b-4be4-aef4-55b2615d3282,a9dfec39-a740-4105-bbd6-721ba163c053,2bb13841-7575-439e-8e0a-cccd9ede2fa8" --no-progress -o /path/results --report-formats json

If KICS makes available a remediation for a result, the result will have the fields remediation and remediation_type defined. As an example, please see:


  1. If your JSON report has any result with remediation, you will need to run the new KICS command: remediate.

If you want KICS to remediate all the reported issues, you can run

docker run -v /home/cosmicgirl/:/path/ kics remediate --results /path/results/results.json -v.

If you want to specify which remediation KICS should fix, you can use the flag --include-ids. In this flag, you should point the similarity_id of the result. For example:

docker run -v /home/cosmicgirl/:/path/ kics remediate --results /path/results/results.json --include-ids "f282fa13cf5e4ffd4bbb0ee2059f8d0240edcd2ca54b3bb71633145d961de5ce" -v