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Terraform Cloud

Integrate KICS with Terraform Cloud

You can integrate KICS into Terraform Cloud as a Task Event Hook.

This provides you the ability to run a KICS scan on the plan in the pre-apply stage.

Configuring KICS as a Task Event Hook

To Configure Task Event Hook go to:

Organization Settings -> Integrations -> Task Event Hook -> Create Event Hook

Set the name you wish for the Task Event Hook

In the Hook endpoint URL place:

And Create event hook.

Note: You can choose which kind of severity you wish for KICS to fail on by passing failOn as query parameter in the URL. KICS will fail on any result found with that severity and above.

Available Severities are:

  • critical
  • high
  • medium
  • low
  • info

Query parameter failOn is required and cannot be empty.

Adding KICS Event Hook to Workspace

To add KICS Event Hook as a Task to your Workspace go to:

Workspace Settings -> Tasks -> Available Event Hooks and Choose KICS Event Hook you just created

Choose the Enforcement Level and press Create

And now every time a new plan is started KICS will scan this plan for Vulnerabilities and missconfigurations

Example Results

Task Failed

To see KICS Scan report press Details to download the html report and see all vulnerabilities found by KICS

Please keep in mind the report link is only active for 15 minutes

Task Passed