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CIS Certfications

About CIS

CIS is an independent, nonprofit organization with a mission to create confidence in the connected world.

What are the CIS Benchmarks

CIS Benchmarks are best practices for the secure configuration of a target system. Available for more than 100 CIS Benchmarks across 25+ vendor product families, CIS Benchmarks are developed through a unique consensus-based process comprised of cybersecurity professionals and subject matter experts around the world. CIS Benchmarks are the only consensus-based, best-practice security configuration guides both developed and accepted by government, business, industry, and academia.

KICS Awarded Certifications

KICS 1.4.4 has been awarded the following certifications: - CIS Amazon Web Services Foundations Benchmark v1.4.0, Level 1 - CIS Amazon Web Services Foundations Benchmark v1.4.0, Level 2

What are the Level 1, Level 2 certifications?

Most CIS Benchmarks include multiple configuration profiles. A profile definition describes the configurations assigned to benchmark recommendations.
The Level 1 profile is considered a base recommendation that can be implemented fairly promptly and is designed to not have an extensive performance impact. The intent of the Level 1 profile benchmark is to lower the attack surface of your organization while keeping machines usable and not hindering business functionality.
The Level 2 profile is considered to be "defense in depth" and is intended for environments where security is paramount. The recommendations associated with the Level 2 profile can have an adverse effect on your organization if not implemented appropriately or without due care.

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